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It’s quite common for many Americans to feel pride for their country and even more likely for them to feel the urge to show that pride. One growing ideal is to “live local” and try to focus on buying from not only smaller local companies, but also products made within American borders.

According to a study performed by Consumer Reports, nearly 8 in 10 American consumers say they prefer to buy items made in the US rather than imported goods. In fact, over 60 percent of those consumers are willing to pay 10 percent more in order to purchase USA made items.

 Born in the USA

Consumers aren’t the only ones buying USA made – many start-up companies have also opted to “buy and sell local” because in many ways it’s cheaper. When considering the cost of finding an overseas mill or vender, the cost of shipping their products back to the US, and even the possible costs of travel; many start-ups are looking nationwide rather than worldwide.

Not to mention that 84 percent of American consumers surveyed by Consumer Reports believe that US made products are more reliable and have the added bonus of keeping America’s global economy strong. As consumer demand for US made products increases, more and more companies will keep it local in response.

United States of Apparel

Even though over 97 percent of apparel sold in the US is currently made overseas, as reported by CNBC News, US production has been steadily increasing. The US apparel market is the largest worldwide and provides about 17,200 jobs by 287 companies according to a statistic from Industry Week. This not only answers the growing market, but also creates American jobs and adds a boost to American manufacturing.

Today, US factories are producing nearly twice as much as they did in 1984 according to Market Watch. With more companies opting for US made products, nationwide production will continue to increase.

Red, White & Bold

What better way to celebrate the birth of America, than to celebrate some locally made apparel? This week only (July 1-July 7) select USA made items are on sale in celebration of the birth of the United States.

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