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Terry cloth is a common staple we all know well. Towels, dishcloths, bath robes, sweatshirts. Sweatshirts? Yes, sweatshirts. Terry cloth isn’t just for the bathroom or kitchen anymore. Add a French spin to it and you get a super soft, wear-all-year-round, flexible fabric that’s perfect for sweatshirts – French Terry.

French terry is a knitted fabric that contains loops and soft piles of yarn on one side and a smooth, soft material on the other. This makes the garment incredibly absorbent, moisture wicking, and  lightweight.


Unlike traditional terry cloth, french terry provides flexibility in its garments. Along with its moisture-wicking qualities, flexibility makes it the perfect fabric for activities such as hiking, yoga, and of course, lounging. The thin fabric makes it easy to move into a downward dog or reach for the bag of potato chips – we’re not judging.

Adding french terry to your sweatshirt lineup adds a new flare amongst your fleece.

What makes a french terry sweatshirt different than a fleece sweatshirt? The fuzzy inside of a fleece sweatshirt is creating by shredding the yarn loops inside the sweatshirt while in french terry, the loops are left intact. This helps keep you cool while fleece keeps you warm.

French Terry is the perfect transition fabric for Summer to Fall. Keeping you cool and cozy from the beach to the campfire.

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