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1. A Shift in Color: Youth apparel is making a shift from pink to lilac tones and elevated basics are shifting towards soft neutrals. Lilac is seeing a heavy push in both fashion-forward basics and the day wear market.

2. Popular Polos: Polo shirts are a major player in retail markets with a focus on the versatility of the shirt – adapting from prep themes to elevated essentials to hit a range of customers and market levels.

3. Stripes Dominate: Stripes have been in the spotlight and they’re not going away anytime soon. Stripes remain the go-to for the trend-savvy casual customer.

4. Basic Graphics and Slogans: Looking for a killer design for your brand? Branded graphics and photo print t-shirts are holding a strong presence in the retail market. Slogans featuring positive and thoughtful messaging are trending amongst consumers.

5. Tie-Dye to Die For: Tie-Dye remains a key statement print for the festival market. Graphics, text overlay and contrasting hoods and cords create an impactful look.

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