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Tultex FaceWear™ is made from our super soft 100% cotton fabric and offered in a variety of styles. These styles include the FM19 Premium Pleated Mask, the FM21 Enhanced Flat Mask and the FM21Y Youth Enhanced Flat Mask. The FM19 Premium Pleated Mask is the market’s favorite mask because of its versatility, comfort and value price. Not only is Tultex FaceWear™ comfortable, but its also more sustainable than single-use masks.


Environmental Sustainability

The worst part of paper and N95 masks? They are only single-use. Singe-use disposable masks are ideal in hospitals and operating rooms, but not for the general public now that wearing masks all day, every day is the new normal. Cotton is more sustainable than paper and cotton masks can be washed and re-worn over and over again. Cotton cloth masks are softer on your face and kinder to the Earth.


Economic Sustainability

Buy less masks and save your money! Not only is Tultex FaceWear™ offered at a value price, but cotton masks can be worn over and over again. Paper masks like the N95 can only be worn once, so masks are constantly being purchased. Cotton masks last much longer and can be designed with your favorite sayings, logos, colors and more. Add personality and save money with cotton masks.


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