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For the past couple of months, we have called you and all our Tultex Creators to find their rhythm and express themselves. Not only to express yourself through music, but music inspired designs as well. Now we want you to share that “rhythm” with us and the whole world. We want you to rock it out loud!

Let us be your drummer and count you off with some outfit inspirations featuring our new Heritage Collection.


The Rock Legend and The Record Queen


Our Tultex 1900 Heritage Tee is the perfect tee to layer and pair with Stevie Nicks quality “leather and lace.” Whether you’re rocking to the oldies, headed to a concert or about to perform; this soft 100% cotton tee has you covered. Enzyme-washed and pigment-dyed for a throwback look worthy of any current or future rock star.


The Hip-Hop Hero and The Pop Princess


When the beat of the streets calls you to create and share your experiences through music, we suggest the Tultex 1910 Heritage Hoodie. Let our unique blend of fleece wrap you up and keep you comfortable while you create. When you pull inspiration from the surrounding world, be sure you’re equipped with the outerwear to keep your body warm and your mind sharp.




The Country Crooner and The Small-Town Songbird


Our Tultex 1900 pairs with our Tultex 1920 Retro Crop Top better than ice cream and hot apple pie. This retro-styled crop helps you look and stay cool on the hottest summer days. How ‘bout them cowboys and girls rocking their rhythm and staying true to themselves? Whether you’re going to a house party or playing on stage, our Heritage Collection is a little country and a little rock and roll.




Love our Heritage Collection? Well set your alarms and mark your calendars! The Heritage Collection will be available for purchase starting the week of February 21. Follow us on social media for most up-to-date news and notifications on all our amazing products.