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As the temperature rises and the sun shines longer, many are ready for Spring and Summer fashion. It’s time to pack away those heavy sweaters and anything in a dark or neutral shade. The best part of the warm months? The bright colors!


Tultex Apparel has unveiled five new shades that are not only perfect for warm weather but are sure to be the hottest colors of the year. According to color forecasting, we have ranked the hottest shades of the year from 1-5 to help grow your business and style your closet.


5. Mellow Yellow


For the past three years, yellow has found its home in the fashion world. This deeper shade is guaranteed for mass appeal. Mellow Yellow is a more grounded tone that follows the trend of baked and earthy shades. Mellow Yellow speaks of freshness, positivity and energy.

Collage by and model is wearing Tultex 202 – Fine Jersey Tee


4. Cantaloupe


This is a more subtle and “milky” version of the already popular orange shade. There is a feel-good quality to this hue that is perfect for late Spring and early Summer. Cantaloupe is perfect for the growing trend of finding the hidden masculinity in typically feminine colors. Cantaloupe speaks of a luscious and juicy vibrance with a zesty side.

Collage is by and model is wearing Tultex 1920 – Retro Crop Top


3. Cassis


This is the perfect marriage between the pinks and purples that have been dominating recent fashion seasons. Cassis perfectly captures the gender-neutral tones of pink and the modern appeal of purple. Cassis speaks of luxury, power and mystery.

Collage is by trend and model is wearing Tultex 1900 – Heritage Tee


2. Purist Blue


Blue has been evolving in the fashion industry from deep to bright tones. Purist Blue is the latest stage featuring soft and sunny tones with an underlying coolness making it both crisp and contemporary. Purist Blue speaks of depth and stability, truth, and confidence.

Collage is by print and model is wearing Tultex 235 – Youth Fine Jersey Tee


1. Neo Mint


Neo Mint has been forecasted as the color of 2020. This bright green shade evolved from the growing popularity of pastel colors that originated from Millennial Pink. This shade fully embodies a forward-thinking mood and a utopian optimism; mirrored perfectly by the technological advances found in modern time. Neo-Mint speaks of renewal, growth and ambition.

Collage is by and model is wearing Tultex 291 – Heavyweight Long Sleeve Tee


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