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We are stuck in the age of a pandemic where face masks and social distancing is keeping in-person business relations at bay. Many businesses are struggling to build or expand their customer network. The main goal of networking is to make a connection with like-minded people. That relationship will then foster into business gains later down the road. We have pulled together some tips and tricks to help shed some light on how to accomplish this goal.


Focus on your online presence

Every brand has a personality and the easiest way to create and curate one is online. Check in with your customers and read reviews to see what adjectives are associated with your company and brand. Audit your social media and digital pages to see what adjectives and personality you are conveying. Fine-tune and adjust your digital output based on your vision and what your current customers already perceive. Use this pandemic as an opportunity to better promote your brand’s personality and reputation.


Audit your current network

Go through your contacts and database in search of inactive customers. Reach out with a special offer or a review request to try and spark that connection back to life. Evaluate your current network and identify the areas you want to grow in. Start pulling together leads based on those gaps and reach out. Try using a referral reward for current customers as a super easy way to grow and expand your network.


Get familiar with technology

There are no true right or wrong answers when it comes to digital platforms. Whether it is Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype, use what works best for you. Working from home has become a social norm and a necessity for many people across the globe. Video calls can range from an order quote to a virtual coffee meeting. Don’t be afraid to use a video call in place of your typical in-person business practices.


Give and ask for help

One thing that stays true across all businesses and industries is that people like to connect with other people. Personify your company by helping those in need and reaching out for help when you need assistance. Send news articles, write blogs or extend special offers to combat any issues that may arise with your customers. Reaching out to your customers for advice, with polls or to provide feedback is another way to help them feel more connected to you and your brand.


Consistency is key

Keep a consistent stream of media content flowing out across all your digital platforms. One mistake that many people make is getting discouraged if one platform isn’t growing the way they want. Continue to promote your social media and keep your online aesthetic consistent. Twitter and Instagram are both examples where “flooding the market” or constantly putting out content is key to dominating it. Use the analytic tools to help guide you to promote or change your ads to keep your best foot forward.


We’re here to help!

We, at TSC Apparel, only succeed when you succeed. That is why we are always here to help and assist you with orders, product recommendations, business advise and more. Reach out by phone, email, chat or social media anytime and receive unsurpassed customer service to help your business thrive and grow.


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