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Face masks are a great way to protect yourself and your community from illnesses, but they also come with their own set of discomforts and challenges. People are strong and know how to adapt and our customers are no different. Your Tultex face mask hacks have impressed us so we decided to share them with the world. We have complied some of our favorite mask hacks so you can stay protected safely and comfortably.


No Fog Glasses Hack



Tired of your glasses fogging up? Does the top seam of your mask rub against your eyes? We found the solution! All you need is a paper clip or a small piece of flexible wire. Be careful around any sharp ends and round them off with tools to protect your face. Slide it under the top seam and gently press the wire to the shape of your face.


From Tie Mask to Looped Hack


Do you love our pleated mask but wish they had loops? Does your long hair get caught in the ties? Simply knot the top ties to the bottom ties and create perfectly sized loops that fit your face. Use scissors and trim the excess fabric.


Relieve Ear Pain Hack


Via peekaboo

Do the loops of your mask make your ears sore? Does wearing a mask and eyewear at the same time feel uncomfortable? Simply take a long piece of a t-shirt or any fabric and lay it around the top of your head. Lace the fabric through the ear loops of the mask and tie it tightly to fit your face. This way the pressure from the loops rest on the fabric and not your ears.


Resize Adult Face Mask for a Child Hack


Do you have adult sized face masks that are too big for your child or an individual with a smaller face? Simply make an accordion style fold on each side. Then wrap one of the strings fully around the edge of the fold and tie a knot with the other string. Tie additional knots to create ear loops or tie the remainder of the strings around their head to keep it secure.


How do you Hack Masks?

We want to see what you’re doing to make our Tultex face masks a perfect fit for your lifestyle. Tag us on social media or shoot us a message. Our masks are available to order blank, logoed, or even in custom colors with your company logo. They are in-stock and shipping depending on customization level.