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The days are longer, the weather is warmer and its time to relax in your favorite summertime tees. We compiled the hottest summer designs to inspire you to create this summer season.


Rainbow Tees




Rainbows have grown in popularity once again. With a meaning of joy and hope, it’s no wonder that these tees bring smiles and happiness to all those that see them. Design Tip: Perfect for a full front design or a small left or right chest placement. Include a sweet quote or clever phrase to add a unique spin on this hot trend.


Mountain Tees




With warmer weather comes more time spent outside. The mountains can stand for challenges to overcome or a love of nature. Many hikers and adventurers have found mountains to be a spiritual and life-changing experience. Design Tip: Mountain designs are perfect simple or with quotes. Stick with cool shaded and natural toned tees to create a down-to-earth design.


Vintage Print Tees




Everything always comes back in style! Psychedelic fonts and designs from the 60s and 70s are an easy crowd-pleaser. Design Tip: Make a short clever quote “retro” by using faded bright colors in vintage fonts or re-create band tees with your own groovy twist.


Minimalist Floral Tees




As companies and individuals focus on sustainability and being eco-conscience, this practice has also translated to the fashion world. Flowers can symbolize growth, beauty, a fresh start and an appreciation of nature. Design Tip: Use floral designs as the main focus or add them as a wholesome accent to a short phrase or quote.


Inspirational Quote Tees




In the time of social distancing, t-shirts with quotes have grown more popular than ever. What better way to display your personality than a quote that amuses or “hits home” with those that wear them. Design Tip: Keep the design simple and focus on the words. Choose a quote that has meaning to you as well. Customers are sure to love the authenticity of your designs and words.


Oversize Back Design Tee




This design is especially popular for Gen Z and VSCOgirl crowds. This technique is also ideal for more intricate and music designs. All the details of your designs are on display when the print is blown up to fill the entire back. Design Tip: Use color and a more complex design to best fill the space of the t-shirt such as album artwork or a designed graphic. A small front chest design on either the left or right side can also bring this t-shirt design together.


Repeated Text Tee




This style not is only fun and trendy, but a great way to really get your point across. Sometimes you need to “say it louder for the people in the back.” Design Tip: Select the word or short phrasing that you want to print and stack them in different shades and colors. For another take, try bolding one line and fading out the echoed lines around it.


Shop our blanks and show us your designs!


Hopefully these design ideas inspired you to create your own take on these hot summer trends. We have the blank apparel you need to showcase and sell those amazing tees! Not sure which product is right for you, reach out to our Brand Experts to help you stock up. Don’t forget to post your designs and tag us for a chance to be featured on our pages!