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Bella+Canvas’ new Street Fleece Collection is here and its already bigger than ever. This popular trend is made up of athleisure hoodies, sweatshirts, joggers and more. “Street Fleece is about everything that is happening right now in fashion,” says Bella+Canvas Co-Founder, Danny Harris. “It’s our way of helping customers tap into the trends they see at fashion week, or in their Instagram feeds. Everything is about hoodies, sweatshirts and joggers—in the right colors, with statement graphics.”


Athleisure: The Trend

Athleisure is sweeping the nation and bundling everyone in fleece hoodies and joggers. The term “athleisure” is simply a combination of “athletics” and “leisure” which perfectly describe this laid back look. These clothes are perfect to complete a workout or to just wear during your everyday. This look has moved from a styled look to a fashion movement that many brands are capitalizing on.

This trend was first birthed in the early 1970s with the fitness movement. The growth in popularity then rippled out to create “sports brands”. Other companies trying to compete in this market would also create athletic clothing lines. This look has remained popular due to the comfort and flexibility of the clothing. Many celebrities and luxury brands have featured athleisure items and turned this relaxed look into a high-end lifestyle. And so “athleisure” was born!


Street Fleece: The Future

The Street Fleece Collection features over 15+ styles, 50 colors and is made with Bella+Canvas’ signature sponge fleece fabric.

“The fashion landscape has been trending towards a more casual way of dressing for years, in part because consumers, as opposed to designers and brands, have been dictating the terms. Influencers and tastemakers have elevated the previously underground streetwear movement to the mainstream. The fact that a logoed sweatshirt is now a fashion statement, means fleece is no longer just a seasonal, cold-weather item. Fleece is fashion, which our team at BELLA+CANVAS knows well.” – Bella+Canvas



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