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With Father’s Day just around the corner, get your dad something that is as punny as he is! There’s nothing dads enjoy more than telling groan-inflicting jokes that make their kids’ eyes roll back into their heads. We compiled some of our favorite kinds of dad joke tee designs that would make the perfect Father’s Day gift for the goofy father figure in your life this year.


The Classic Pun Tee




Nothing beats the classic pun or play on words. These witty tee designs are clever no matter what sense of humor you have. After all, bad puns are how “eye” roll!


The Dad Quote Tee




What quote is more perfect to describe a dad than this classic schoolyard comeback? The truth is, dads never grow-up, they just grow into bigger kids.


The Geeky Tee




From Star Wars to comic books to science puns, these designs are perfect for you and your dad to geek out and laugh together.


The Holiday Tee




Its always “Dad Joke” season! Whether its Christmas, St. Patrick’s Day or even July 4, there’s a dad joke for that occasion.


The Pop Culture Tee


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Keep your dad’s jokes relevant with what is trending in pop culture today. These designs reference movies, music and more to make dad jokes, rad jokes!


What are your design ideas?


Now show us your punny dad joke designs! Post and tag us on social media. Need supplies to print your ideas? Check out our wholesale and retail offerings below!