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According to polar explorer Eric Larsen, “your biggest problem isn’t getting cold. It’s actually getting too warm and sweaty, because once you stop moving, hypothermia can strike in less than five minutes on cold, windy days.” This is why layering is key; as you heat up or cool down during the day it only takes seconds to remove or add a layer.


The Base Layer


It doesn’t matter if the cold temperatures exceed or reach just above freezing, always wear a base layer. This first layer should be something light like a long sleeve tee that sits close to your skin. Look for a long sleeve tee that wicks sweat away from your body and dries quickly.


We suggest A4’s N3165 Cooling Performance Long Sleeve. This long sleeve tee is made of 100 percent polyester interlock and has a lightweight feel at only four ounces per square yard. Not only does it keep you dry, but it is also stain and odor resistant. This snag-proof tee is sure to be a favorite for any hard worker or adventurer.

Style Code 3165AR

The Mid-Layer


The next layer should be a thin yet warm layer. For this layer, pick something that is either wool, polyester or a blend. The best way to think of this layer is as your second degree of cold; too warm for a coat, but too cold for just a tee.


Try Ei-Lo’s 9380 Premium Fleece Hoodie. This super soft pullover is made from Ei-Lo’s premium blended fleece fabric. This hoodie is sure to keep you warm and looking cool no matter where you go.

Style Code 9380EL

The Heat Layer


This layer is one of the most important as it traps in heat during frigid temperatures. This layer should be puffy and feature a zipper to keep your body heat from escaping. This layer will also be your heaviest layer, but when the temperatures drop into the negatives you will be happy it is!



The Burnside B8713 Element Puffer Jacket’s brick quilting offers the warmth of a puffy coat without being too restricting. This 100 percent nylon jacket offers chin coverage and multiple pockets for anything you may need while out and about.

Style Code 8713BU

The Shell Layer


This top layer is exactly what the title says, a shell to protect you from the cold. While the heat layer keeps the warmth in, this layer is your barrier from the frigid outdoors. Look for a coat that is breathable, waterproof and features taped seams. Go up a size to ensure that all the previous layers can fit comfortably underneath. If you plan on trekking through any snowy terrain, get something in a bright color to ensure that you stand out from your surroundings.


DRI DUCK’s 5310 Apex is the perfect outer shell for even the coldest of temperatures. This 100 percent polyester coat is waterproof, breathable and features a hood. This windproof coat is sure to keep the cold at bay.

Style Code 5310DK

Focus Points for Layering:


  • Stay Dry
  • Stagger Zippers – avoid too many zippers cluttered under your chin
  • Secure Your Hood
  • Pack a Facemask or Gaiter – for extra wind protection for your face and neck
  • Zip-Up Pockets