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Whether you hate to love them or love to hate them, crop tops are a trend that isn’t going away any time soon. Although this trend seems to only have become famous in the last couple of years, crop tops have been popular since the early twentieth century.

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Ever since their origin from belly dancer tops known as bedlahs, crop tops have been a part of fashion for decades. However, the first crop top was not accepted by Western fashion until the 1940s since an exposed midriff was immodest. This, of course, didn’t stop many young adults from wearing them. The shortened top was paired with a high waist skirt, pant or short. This look was especially popular as beach wear and on the West Coast. What women loved about this look is that it accentuated an hour-glass figure by exposing the slimmest part of the waist.

The crop top trend then transformed with the “hippie movement” of the 1960s. This top now featured bright floral patterns and earthy tones and paired with high waist flare jeans. This look is still widely associated with the modern-day bohemian or “boho” style.

The bright patterned crop top trend continued into the 1970s with the disco age. Cher is credited with not only popularizing the crop top in the music industry, but also starting the trend of pairing the shortened shirt with low rise bottoms. Starting with Cher in the 1970s and continuing forward crop tops became shorter and bottoms had a lower rise that opened doors to a subcategory of crop tops known as “bra-tops” or bralettes.

The 1980s saw an aerobic trend to the crop top with them gaining increasing popularity at gyms and in fitness videos. The iconic crop top in the film, Flashdance, was also a large contributor.

The biggest pop culture rise of crop tops was in the 1990s. From being seen on television shows like Saved by the Bell to teen movies like

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Clueless. Although the crop top trend dropped a bit in the early 2000s, it is now alive and well. Crop tops are even featured in high fashion lines and on runaways worldwide. This trend’s popularity has even expanded to men’s fashion. Men can be seen sporting shorter tops both on the streets and in the sports world.

From a controversial fashion statement to wardrobe basic, crop tops are here to stay. Shop our crop tops and join in on the trend!