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The monochromatic design style is sleek and quickly taking over the fashion industry. This look is achieved by using an ink that is either a shade lighter or darker than the t-shirt color. A more common industry term is “tonal printing” and is described as a water-based print method.

This printing method is used to achieve an edgy and worn, vintage style design. Use a tonal light ink on a darker t-shirt, or a tonal dark ink on a lighter t-shirt. The t-shirt fabrication will also effect the vibrancy of the design. Use a poly/cotton blend like the Tultex 241 or a tri-blend like the Tultex 254 for a more worn and vintage look. Use a 100% cotton t-shirt like the Tultex 202 for a bright and vibrant design.

Some final quick tips for black and darker t-shirts are to use a more vibrant and bold water-based ink, use the light tonal ink to make it pop and use a high opacity gloss ink to add a shine that makes the dark tones stand-out.



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