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It’s the weekend, the sun is out, and your friends are blowing up your phone to come out and enjoy the day. You check your closet and drawers, tossing clothes left and right, trying to find that one favorite tee that fits and feels just right.


For decades the t-shirt has been a staple in wardrobes worldwide. Just because it’s a classic crowd-pleaser, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t mix it up with different ways to wear that favorite cotton basic.


Oversized and Off-Shoulder


Not only is oversized fashion comfortable, but now this trend is sweeping the nation. Ariana Grande is one of many celebrities that has embraced and rocked this trend. Throw out a cold shoulder to add an extra dose of attitude to this relaxed and cool look.

Model is wearing Next Level Apparel 6360


Layer Up


Adding multiple colorful layers adds depth and fun to any plain white tee. The best part of this look? You can wear the same shirt multiple times, and no one will notice! Wear a jacket, tuck it into a skirt, or even layer it under a sweater. The combinations reach as far as your imagination.



Tucked In


Nothing beats the classic look of a tucked-in tee. Pair it with skinny jeans to slim your waist and shoulders. Not a fan of the full tuck? Try a “French tuck” or front tuck where just the front of the shirt is tucked in while the rest billows out to draw attention away from the tummy and create a slimmer waistline.

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Tie the Knot


Another way to mix up this trend is to tie it up for a retro and fun look. Wear denim and create an easy, no-cut crop top. Pair it with high-waisted pants for a vintage outfit that never goes out of style. This beachy style always works to make any oversized tee a trendy swimsuit cover.



Rolled Sleeves


The simplest way to add a little flair to any tee is to roll the sleeves. Adding a little cuff creates a laidback look that’s perfect for any outdoor adventure. Rolled sleeves also offer more mobility and is sure to help cool you down on hot days. Rock this look and convey a spontaneous on-the-go lifestyle.

Model is wearing Next Level Apparel 6360


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