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The M&O 4800 Soft Touch T-Shirt has been coined, “The Most Durable T-Shirt” of the year and a crowd-pleaser. Why, you may ask? Quality, comfort and price.



The selection, acquisition and treatment of the cotton starts with the quality of the harvest. Then various harvests are balanced to ensure consistency. The cotton is analyzed and measured in accordance with the AFIS System (Uster’s Advanced Fiber Information System) which evaluates the fibers’ size, cleanliness, color, amount of immature fibers, and more. AFIS is a globally recognized set of standards to ensure quality textile materials. The standards of the 4800 exceed AFIS by 5% making products of higher quality compared to other worldwide manufacturers.

However, the AFIS isn’t the only one that appreciates the quality and the durability of the 4800.

“M&O tee is superb quality fabric t-shirt for screen print.” – Jim


“Very pleased with this company. Tshirt quality is great! Awesome value and super fast delivery! I will definitely be buying more from this company!” – Linda


“I just grabbed a bunch of these to take on a long camping trip and they were ideal–light-weight enough but still fairly durable Super affordable.” – Davin



The t-shirts are all made of ring-spun cotton that are constructed into the perfect build recognized by international standards of processes and sizes. The highest quality of cotton is guaranteed through spinning into yarn. The yarn is finer, softer and more flexible with higher quality standards than competitors. This is proceeded by knitting which not only gives form and size to the final product, but also enhances the characteristics of each fabric type. As a result the 4800 offers the best touch on the market, thus providing comfort and durability.

And, it is because of these processes that customers appreciate the softness of the 4800.

“No other tshirt can beat this blank cotton tshirt from M&O for its soft texture. It looks very smart and sophisticated. Well fitted t-shirt and economical price range.” – Klarin


“So soft and fits very nice. Does not shrink after wash and is so comfortable.” – Michelle



These t-shirts are competitively priced to offer the best balance between quality and price. The 4800 costs, on average, $0.25 (per t-shirt) less than compeating comparable styles. However, this lower price does not negatively affect the comfort, quality and durability of this t-shirt. Get the same great quality at a lower cost.

This competitive pricing is echoed in the reviews by satisfied customers of the 4800.

“Great shirt for the price, looks like a good quality t-shirt.” – Jose


“Very good quality for the price.” – Graham


Still not convinced? Order a sample of the 4800 and see for yourself! Stock-up by ordering online or over the phone today.


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