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Our FM19 Pleated Face Masks are the most comfortable and versatile masks on the market. They adjust perfectly to fit your lifestyle and are designed to fit most sizes from adult to youth. These masks are perfect to wear to work, everyday errands and for your kids to wear to school. Reusable, ultra-soft, breathable and ideal for everyday wear.

Our mission is to keep you safe and comfortable while you work, shop and go about your day. However, even the most comfortable masks can become uncomfortable after multiple hours of continued wear. We found these fixes for the most common discomforts caused by wearing face masks for long periods of time.


Ear pain and discomfort?



Use grommets to create adjustable bands that keep the mask up and off your ears. Grommets can be found at most craft stores, simply press the button and lace the strings through.

Tie the strings into loops and remove the excess to create perfectly sized ear loops for your face. Elastic bands can also be sewn on to replace the strings.

Buttons can be sewn on a headband or hat to also help keep the loops off your ears.


Feel short of breath or like you can’t breathe?


Jill Chambers, a former dental assistant, knows a thing or two about wearing masks for long periods of time. She suggests carrying sugar-free menthol cough drops in your pocket. Whenever the mask feels stuffy, just pop one in your mouth to clear your sinuses, promote normal breathing and keep your breath fresh.


Glasses are fogging up?



A paper clip, pipe cleaner or a small piece of wire can be slipped into the top seam of our Pleated and Flat Masks to create an adjustable nosepiece. Be careful of any sharp edges, round them off or use a dot of glue to keep it safe.

Simply pinch the fabric around the nose and place your glasses on the outside to secure it in place.

Washing each lens with dish soap or shaving cream will create a thin transparent layer that will prevent the glasses from fogging.


Experiencing a breakout under your mask?


“Maskne” is the term that describes acne caused from wearing a face mask. Dr. Tess Mauricio, a board-certified dermatologist, recommends lessening the usage of heavier concealers and foundation. Face masks can cause an increase in blocked pores due to a buildup of oil and contaminants. It is also important to wash your face and mask regularly. Repeated use of a mask without cleaning it first will result in the reintroduction of toxins collected on the surface of the mask from the previous day. “Treat your close face masks like regular laundry,” Mauricio said. “They should be washed with hot water in the washing machine and tumble dried on high heat.”


Bored of plain masks?


Visit the tagged posts section on our Instagram pages (@tultexapparel and @tsc.apparel) to look for inspiration or shop decorated face masks from some of our customers. If you are looking for a DIY project then check out our blog post, Unraveled: How To Tie Dye on a Budget, for instructions and examples of a fun activity to decorate blank cotton masks.


Shop Tultex FaceWear™ and show us your life hacks and designs!


Shop the FM19 Pleated Mask as well as all of our face mask offerings. Not sure which mask to get? Reach out to our Brand Experts for help finding the right style for you. We want to see how you decorate our masks and get through the long work days. Post your designs and mask hacks on social media and tag us or post your hacks below in the comments!