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As an organization, we value the opportunity to help out in our communities.  Whether it is about donating t-shirts to a charity or sponsoring an event, we are always open to lending a hand (or a shirt).  We were proud to partner with other great organizations to support the 2019 Dushey 5K.

On August 25, 2019 we were honored to sponsored the Dushey 5K, a race that not only honored the memory of David Dushey, but helps to raise money to fight the disease of addiction that communities are constantly battling against. The race was a gigantic success that TSC was proud to be a part of.  Over 250 runners participated with age ranges from 5-80.  In total, the event raised $40,000 donated to The Safe Foundation.

The Race Shirt!

All proceeds from this great event went to The Safe Foundation, an organization committed to fighting addiction.  If you would like to donate, please see the below link:

If you have an event that you would like us to explore participating in, please reach out to





About David Dushey
David Dushey’s fierce battle with addiction was cut short, but his impact and legacy will live on forever.  David was a bright light to others fighting this disease – offering support and guidance through some people’s darkest moments.  David was also no stranger to the SAFE community and to all of his peers who had similar struggles. He helped so many people. Whether it was an addict or someone who just needed a friend, David never judged and always opened his heart to people.   David will continue to be celebrated by the lives that he has touched, as events like the Dushey 5K will continue to fight the cause that David fought so fiercely for.

David Dushey