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To reopen or to not reopen, that is the question on many business owner’s minds. How can you be sure what is right for you? What do you do first to even start the process of reopening? According to Inc Magazine, “any post-pandemic reopening plan may quickly become a legal minefield for businesses.” We have the answers to these questions and more.

Are temperature checks logistically possible?

Before you rush to open and institute mandatory temperature checks of your employees, put together a plan on “the how.” Think about how you will take the temperatures. Will your employees wait in a socially distanced line prior to clocking in and entering? Will you designate an employee to take the temperatures or will you contract out the role with local health care facilities? Not all states require temperature taking, so be sure to stay up-to-date on your local regulations. Record as little data as possible or legal issues could be enacted against you as well. The most important thing to remember is to put a plan in place and stick to it!

Is social distancing easy for your workers to follow?

Don’t just assume that all your employees will be conscious of staying distanced as more and more business operations begin to open. Make sure to identify and address all possible scenarios that social distancing could be problematic. Go over meetings, break rooms, bathrooms and any other situations that may not have a clear way to stay six feet apart.

Do all your employees feel safe to return to work?

Even as these uncertain times seem to be taking a turn for the better, there is still a stigma of panic with many people. Even with numerous safety protocols in place, some people may be reluctant to rejoin the public. So what do you do if some of your employees refuse to come in? Do your research, talk to your Human Resources representatives and create an action plan. Whatever you decide, make sure there are clear guidelines that apply to your entire staff.

Do you have a plan for visitors?

Many businesses require customers or clients to have in-person meetings. If this applies to your business, put a plan in place on how these meetings and interactions should be navigated. Will you require masks or even supply visitors with masks if they do not have any? How will you conduct the meeting while keeping socially distanced? Will you also temperature check all visitors or customers that enter your business? Once you have a plan in place, make sure it is communicated to all employees and visitors before they arrive.

Will you require masks?

Many states still require that masks are worn when in public. Look up your local regulations and be sure to follow them. If you do enact a mandatory rule that masks must be worn at work, think of how your employees will get the masks. Will you require each employee to provide their own or will your business supply them? Make sure that whatever your business decides, it is communicated to your employees.

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