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We put together a list of ways to help expand your customer base and grow your business. When you succeed, we succeed right along with you.


1. Create a Buzz


How will anyone work with you if they don’t know you exist? Get people talking about your business by getting your name out there. Post ads, tackle the social media monster, and pass out business cards. Focus on customer service. Give your current customers something to talk about by breaking into the “word-of-mouth” buzz. You don’t need to go viral but do what you can to get out and get noticed.


2. Giveaways and Contests


Everyone loves free stuff, especially if that free item is coupled with the title of “winner.” Look at what other businesses in your industry have done or create a prize that is unique to your company. The key is to not give it away for free. Make the contest entry process include a part of your company that you are trying to grow. Have your contestants follow you on social media, sign up for a newsletter or agree to a consultation. That way you’re both winners!


3. Flaunt your Knowledge


Your company is unique and has amazing things to offer, now is the time to prove it. Show people that working with is the best decision because you are the industry expert. Write blog articles, post inspiration, record podcasts or videos, or even give a speech or talk at an event. When you’re confident in what you know, your customers will feel just as confident to work with you.


4. Meetings and Events


Not all events or meetings need to be nationally attended. You can always start small and year after year your event could grow. Think about the service you provide, your customers’ interests and the interests of future customers you want to reach. This could be a demonstration or class, a happy hour or party, or even an open house. Anything to get people in the door and experiencing your business.


5. Call to Action


As we previously touched on, never give anything away for free. This doesn’t mean payment, but always make sure you’re benefiting from everything you do. If you write a blog, make sure you finish it by promoting a service or function of your company. Your call to action does not need to be elaborate. Focus on increasing engagement by having a link or email sign up. At the end of the day, your customer walks away with something and you walk away with their business.


6. Sales and Offers


Create a marketing plan and then follow through. When things go on sale, customers feel less of a purchase risk and are more willing to try something new. Sales and special offers on items or services will boost your customer base. It is up to you to impress them and have them coming back for more.


7. Leverage your Network


Everyone knows someone, who knows someone, who knows someone…and so on. This is your network and the best way to expand it is to use what you already have. Work with your current customers, friends, families, coworkers; anyone that you can reach. Create a way to receive reviews or be recommended to others. Incentivize others to recommend you. Word-of-mouth is still one of the most powerful marketing tools.


Growing your business is a part of our business. When you succeed, we succeed with you. Help us help you grow your business by checking out our apparel and product offerings for all your B2B needs.