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Your customers may have had a rough couple of months too. We all like to think that we have been doing our part with keeping them updated on our cleaning procedures, but is that enough? What most people really want in a global pandemic is to be distracted or reminded of normalcy. One way this is accomplished is by purchasing items that help consumers connect back to society, culture and other people. Below is our guide to help your company grow by connecting back to your consumers.



1. Funny T-Shirt


Everyone is looking for a distraction from the everyday monotony that comes with quarantine and social distancing. This is why many have watched shows like Tiger King three or more times. Providing funny t-shirts that bring a smile to your consumers or the world around them is a great way to spread positivity and promote your brand.


2. Face Masks


Even though everyone may seem like they are already fully stocked-up on face masks, novelty or signature design masks are still in high demand, Put a few in your window with smiling faces, cute or clever sayings, or try adding a custom feature such as a keychain hook to help consumers from forgetting them while heading out the door.


3. Tie-Dye



With everyone working from home, consumers are getting more adventurous with their attire. Tie-dyed sweatshirts, shorts and even outerwear are in high demand. Tie-dye is having a moment, so jump on this groovy train and show off your work.


4. Workout Apparel



Whether consumers are wearing athleisure wear to work from home or trying to stay healthy and build their immune system. We know workout apparel is a growing segment. Focus on highlighting your athleisure offerings this month.


5. Back to School


Lastly, back to school is happening in some states already. See what you can do to pair kids’ polos or t-shirts with matching masks. Selling product bundles has proved very popular with parents that are looking for the perfect back to school outfits that will also keep their kids safe.


Shop our blanks and show us your designs!


We have the blank apparel you need to showcase and sell the amazing designs this blog inspired! Not sure which product is right for you? Reach out to our Brand Experts to help you stock-up. Don’t forget to post your designs on social media and tag us for a chance to be featured on our pages!

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